Be strong, flexible and endurant without exhausting yourself!

Always in shape

Training should give you more than it takes away.

With me, you will not evaluate the effectiveness according to the toughness of a single session, but with what it provides you in everyday life.

No loss of time

Why do more when doing less is already effective?

My approach takes in account the limitations that life put on you and minimalises time at the gym.

Present for your family

A good physical condition allows you to spend more quality time with your family, without fearing than you cannot keep up.

When is your next family hike?

About me

Jean-Francois Lopez  Personal trainer

Consultant, small business owner, like many of you, I also face the challenges that arise for a professionally and family-occupied man in his forties.
I used to be in a very good shape in my twenties. Then I lost my fitness and gained weight, around thirty. Too much work, less time to take care of my fitness, but still a strong appetite for good food!
One day, when I realized what I had become, how unfit and fat I had become, I decided to react.
Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet the right people to guide me.
I have shifted my endurance paradigm (whether strength endurance or cardiovascular endurance) to focus primarily on basic strength development.
I joined the ranks of certified StrongFirst instructors (the school of strength, an international reference in the field).
I am a certified instructor in three modalities: kettlebell, barbell and body weight (StrongFirst Elite: SFG2, SFL, SFB).
Because movement, breathing and nutrition are just as important, I am also an FMS2 specialist, Flexible steel level 2 instructor, Coach Precision nutrition, advanced Oxygen Advantage® instructor and registered in the European Register of Sports Professionals (EREPS) as a personal trainer (ACE-PT).

5 aspects for lasting fitness and health


Contrary to popular belief, strength is the master physical quality, that will help have more flexibility, power and even endurance.

With my approach, no increase in muscle mass is necessary. Strength is really first and foremost a skill. The point is to teach our nervous system to make the best use of the muscles that are already present.


Movement is life. Unfortunately, we often ignore it, even athletes, until it's too late.

Movement must be functional, that is, it must fulfil the body functions: to respect the range of motion and the positions determined by our anatomy. On this basis, it is then possible to further improve mobility and flexibility.


Nutrition is an essential element. Without food, there is no fuel for energy production, nor bricks for building the body.

Unfortunately, many coaches forget the importance of the pleasure of nutrition, the love of good food, the social role of meals. By considering food solely as a fuel, they forget about quality of life and gastronomy.


There is nothing more natural than breathing!

We all think so until we realize the difference between ventilation and actual breathing.

Breathing does not stop in the lungs. In fact, you could even say it starts further along the way, at the cellular level. And here's the problem: focusing on getting more air into your lungs doesn't improve breathing where it's needed, at the cellular level ...


What first advice will an expert give you to get back in shape? Run !

The second tip? Switch to H.I.I.T. !

Unfortunately, these two tips are not always applicable by everyone. On the contrary, it is even advisable to look at it twice ...

Running is not the only or the best way to develop essential endurance. And the ultimate goal is not to burn during H.I.I.T. L.I.I.T., but power generation. Always and always. Over time. Permanently!


All you need is tailored coaching, personalized support that focuses on the essentials to achieve your goals. And it all starts with a first step ...

Book your free consultation

Book your free consultation

Where do you find me?

You can find me in the centre of Bratislava.

For our first meeting, we can meet where you find it more convenient, because we will mostly talk about you, your goals, your history and possible constraints.

Later, depending on the modalities we will choose together, we can meet in a gym or any places that is convenient to you. I can even come to your place, if it better fits your schedule.


Šancová 50, Bratislava, 81105, Slovaquie